vom Elderbach Purchase Agreement


Thank you for your interest in my kennel. If you decide to purchase a puppy from me, you can expect the following:

No further guarantees stated nor implied.

My expectations of you:

Financial Arrangements:

Cost of Puppy: $1,800.00

Puppy deposit: $300.00 and this signed/dated purchase agreement

Final payment: $1500.00

Possible expenses in addition to puppy:

  • Transportation from kennel to you
  • Health Certificate from veterinarian (required for air travel)
  • Shipping crate deposit (will be refunded after return of crate)

I have read and accept the terms of this purchase agreement:



Contact information:
vom Elderbach Deutsch Drahthaar
Breeder: Roger M. Green
30 Church Road
Brewster, Washington 98812

Mobile phone/text:  307-473-1112
Email: rmgreen@rogermgreen.com

Please print this page and send a signed copy to us along with your deposit.


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