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Roger’s introduction to the Deutsch Drahthaar (DD) breed began in Wyoming in 1990.  A friend, Dr. Jerry Youmans, invited him to go bird hunting.  Jerry had a  DD from the vom Altmoor kennel.  Roger was so impressed with the dog’s performance that he was determined to have his own DD.  Tasso vom Altmoor joined our household in 1991 and started us on an amazing journey with the breed.  Roger became a student in understanding the testing (VJP, HZP, and VGP) and conformation required by the breed club VDD/GNA. He trained multiple dogs through the VGP level and became both a performance and breed show judge.  He also became involved politically with Group North America (GNA) serving as business manager and chairman during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Our kennel, vom Elderbach, was established in 1993, and in 2018 we are expecting our 30th litter. Marge has also trained and handled several dogs through the VGP level.  Roger and Marge have hosted monthly training clinics in both Wyoming and Washington, culminating each training year with a Brats and Drahts picnic.  In honor of the late Dr. Jerry Youmans, who was the first person in Wyoming to train and handle a DD through all three levels of testing, the Youmans traveling trophy is presented each year to the high point dog/handler in a VGP sponsored by our chapter.

Alice II vom Elderbach at 9 months

Alice II vom Elderbach at 9 months


Upcoming Litter
"H2" vom Elderbach
Expected April 24, 2021

DAM: Xita vom Elderbach
225607, Brsch, DOB 26.04.2014, 68730
ZR249/14, SG(10)/SG(10) 60cmX61cm
VJP 68, HZP 174, VGP Pz1 305 (TF), Btr
Blood disorder DNA frei; HD, OCD, ED frei, Coat F/F

SIRE: William-Jakob vom Schaar
233329, Brsch, DOB 11.02.2017, 
ZR 117/17-11, sg(10)/sg(9), sg(10)/sg(10) 65cmX67cm
VJP 76, Hegewald 204, VGP PzII/290
HD/OCD frei, CHB/vWD-frei (DNA tested), Coat F/f  

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