President Bush and Gunmaker Roger M. Green discuss the details of left hand conversion, refinement, gold plating of interior parts and sculpturing of action.

A Gun For the President

President George H.W. Bush commissioned this Winchester Model 21 16 bore game gun in 1990.  As you may expect in a project like this, there were many key persons involved.   Those behind the scene who were very instrumental in the success of this project were the late Mr. Patrick Taylor, Governor Kirk Fordice of Mississippi, the late Mr. Gordon Culwell, and our beloved Senator Malcom Wallop of Wyoming, without whose help this project would never have happened.  Over the next few years this game gun evolved from design to finished gun.  Several artists were involved in the making of this presidential gun.  Alois Mayr of Mittenwald, Germany, Alois Mayr Büchsenmacher - Mittenwald - Drehverschlussbüchsen -Repetierbüchsen - Takedownbüchsen was serving part of his apprenticeship in my shop during this time and was primarily responsible for converting the right handed 21 Winchester into a true left handed Winchester 21.   The much refined and sculptured gun still bears some semblance to its parentage.  The stock was made from California English walnut checkered 28 lines per inch with mullered borders.  The butt is capped with heel and toe plates and the center section checkered. Laura Steinhouse-Mandarino engraved the gun and Marvin Huey cased the gun in traditional oak and leather.  One of our family's greatest honors and a most humbling experience was to be invited to the Whitehouse to present this gun to President H. W. Bush.

Presiden H.W. Bush Gun

Cased gun - Marvin Heuy's finely fitted oak and leather case

President Bush, Malcom Wallop Roger M Green & Family
Left to right: Wyoming Senator Malcom Wallop, my wife Marge, our
daughter Renata, President George H.W. Bush and Roger M. Green
Engraved by Laura Steinhouse-Mandarino   Details of action refinement and sculpturing (Below)
Custom Made Shotgun for President Bush
Custom Built Shot Gun for President Bush