Oberndorf Styled Mauser System 98

Feinmechanische Zerspanungs GmbH manufactures a near copy of the Original Oberndorf Mauser Double Square Bridged actions. These actions are very similar in design and finish as those provided by the famed Hartmann and Weiss Company of Hamburg, Germany. Actions are available in 3 sizes for the right and left handed shooter. FZH actions come complete with all newly manufactured parts, bottom metal, 3-position model 70 styled safety and without a trigger. Long Magnum length action accommodates cartridges like 505 Gibbs, 450 & 416 Rigby, *460/375 Wby, 404 Jeffery, *340/300 Wby, 375/300 H & H. The standard length action accommodates cartridges like 458 Win Mag, 300 Win Mag, 30/06, and 7X57. Short size actions are designed for cartridges like the 300 WSM, 284 Win, 308 Win and 22-250. Optional by *special order, single square bridge, take-down system, integral scope mounting systems and other custom features. FZH actions are designed for the professional gunmaker who is familiar with final fitting and finishing. Case hardening or color case hardening of the action/bolt and all stress parts is necessary prior to live firing.

Extra depth magazine boxes are standard on Long Magnum actions. Optional are standard depth magazine boxes: Standard and short actions come with standard depth magazine boxes. Actions can be ordered without bottom metal, follower, follower spring and action screws: Deduct: $500.00

Custom 450 Rigby by Duane Wiebe - Duane used a FZH single squared bridged long magnum action for this build. Exceptional metal styling: half octagon/half round barrel, integral quarter rib, claw mounts, extend top and lower tangs impeccably finished and engraved by Roger Kerr.

Long Magnum right hand:


Long Magnum left hand $4200.00
Standard right hand: $3500.00
Standard left hand: $3750.00
*Short right hand: $3500.00
*Short left hand: $3750.00

*All special ordered actions require a 50% payment at time of order.  Prices are subject to change without notice.


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