"Bespoke" is a British English word meaning an item made to a buyer's specification. The distinguishing points of bespoke items, and in this case firearms, are the buyer's influence over the materials used, the features and fit, and the style of the firearm.

More generally, "bespoke" describes a high degree of "customization" and involvement of the end-user in the production of the firearm.

This high degree of individuality of custom firearms causes a large variation in the final cost. Generally when developing a budget for a custom made firearm, one can expect to spend $7500 plus for wood stocked firearms and $3750 for semi-custom syntheic stocked firearms. The following firearms are examples of firearms I have built for some "very important" persons, My Customers!

Dangerous Game Rifle - The rifle below is a .416 Remington Magnum built on a Winchester Model 70 Classic. Stocked with Imported walnut checkered 26 lpi with mullered borders. Engraved by Jim Blair jimblairengraving.com.

British styled “Stalking Rifle”. Newly manufactured/imported FZH Mauser double square bridged left hand short action chambered in 250 Savage. Standard grade California English walnut checkered 26 lpi with mullered borders. Balances at 7 ¾ carrying weight (scoped & loaded).

Classically American. Winchester Pre-64 model 70, 300 Win Magnum. Bastogne walnut checkered 26 lpi. Balances at 9 ¼ lbs carrying weight (scoped & loaded).

Texas “Whitetail Sniper”. Newly manufactured/imported FZH Mauser double square bridged right hand standard action chambered in 6.5X284 Norma. Superbly engraved by Jim Blair. High grade imported walnut imported from Armenia and checkered 26 lpi. Recognize the “fleur-de-lis”? The fleur-de-lis used on my rifles is from a pattern made famous by the late Lenard Brownell. Before Len passed away he gave me his pattern saying “you will have more use for this than me”. Rifle was designed for sniping whitetail in West Texas from the “high seat” at long range. 9 ½ lbs carrying weight.

Long Range Big Game Rifle - Winchester model 70 Classic, .338 Lapua Magnum. One-of-a-kind Armenian burl walnut checkered 26 lpi ribbon fleur-de-lis pattern. Balanced carrying weight of 10 lbs settles well for long range shooting. Jim Blair, in his usual impeccable style, execution and depiction of the Argali and scroll work, adds exceptional adornment.

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