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vom Elderbach
Deutsch Drahthaar

Roger M. Green

30 Church Road
Brewster, Washington 98812
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Tel: 307-473-1112
Skype - Green.Roger

vom Elderbach Purchase Agreement

vom Elderbach Purchase Agreement

Thank you for your interest in my kennel. If you decide to purchase a puppy from me, you can expect the following:

  • A puppy that is healthy and as free of genetic problems as possible. There are risks of inherited genetic abnormalities, and we cannot guarantee what we cannot control.
  • No puppy will be affected by or will be a carrier of either of these canine hemophilias: Hemophilia B or von Willebrands Disease.
  • It is our desire to provide you with a puppy that closely matches your expectations. In order to ensure compatibility, we will select your puppy based on information provided by you. We will carefully consider a variety of factors in selecting the puppy that we feel is right for you. You may specify the color and sex. If the color and sex you requested are not available, your reservation payment will be cheerfully refunded. You may, of course, choose a different sex and/or color. Deposits will not be refunded for any other reason.
  • All puppies will have had the puppy vaccinations normally administered in the first two months. They will have been wormed several times during this same period according to my veterinarian's recommendations. You will get the shot record with the puppy.
  • Your puppy will have been started on Purina ProPlan Large Breed Puppy formula. I recommend and use Purina products for the entire life of my dogs. I recommend you continue with this food for at least the first 10 days and then slowly change to the brand you prefer.
  • Your new puppy will have been started in the socialization process of being introduced to strangers, human and non-human, and to the scents of both furred and feathered game animals.
  • No further guarantees stated nor implied.

My expectations of you:

  • Most importantly, take your puppy to your veterinarian.
  • Continue socializing your puppy, which will be an on-going process. Put maximum effort into bonding. If your intentions are to put this puppy in a kennel and only feed and occasionally work with this puppy, then please do yourself and me a favor and find another breed and kennel to get your puppy from.
  • I require the new owner to be a licensed active hunter.
  • I request that you become a member of Group North America of the Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar.
  • I request that you test this puppy through the breed performance test so that I may ascertain the quality of my breeding program.
  • At one or more years of age, I expect the puppy to be certified for Hip-Dysphasia and this information forwarded to me.
  • If you are having any problems at all or think that you are having any problems with this puppy, contact me. Your questions are solicited. I would like to be informed.

Financial arrangements:

Cost of Puppy: $1,500.00

  • Puppy deposit: $200.00 and this signed/dated purchase agreement
  • Final payment: $1300.00
  • Possible expenses in addition to puppy:
  • Transportation from kennel to you
  • Health Certificate from veterinarian (required for air travel)
  • Shipping crate deposit (will be refunded after return of crate)
  • Microchip (optional in U.S.; required for export)

I have read and accept the terms of this purchase agreement:

Name:____________________________________________ Date:_______________________

vom Elderbach Deutsch Drahthaar
Breeder: Roger M. Green

30 Church Road, Brewster, Washington 98812
Tel: 307-473-1112, Skype - Green.Roger


'A2' vom Elderbach

Dam: Tilli vom Elderbach
Sire: Adlor vom Kylltal

Performance Breeding
Whelped January 4, 2017

4 Brsch Males, 1 Schwsch Male, 5 Brsch females, 1 Schwsch female
2 males available

'B2' vom Elderbach

Dam: Xita vom Elderbach
Sire: Finn vom Felsengebirge

Performance Breeding
Due 22 March 2017

See Litters page for more details


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